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Hello, everyone, today I will share with you the healing network radio station - Psychology FM《后半生的魔法师》This program, I hope everyone likes it.

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The second half of the magician - healing network radio - psychological FM, the world and I love you


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I asked my father to go to the movies that day. The location is set on the fifth floor of the Gateway. This is a very small thing. Occurs at a certain time. The sky is dull, the traffic is slow, and there is a sound of construction site piling. “镗”, “镗”, “镗”. It is like the heartbeat of Shanghai.

In the morning, when the rush arrived, the movie has already begun. There are only three or four people in my theater and my father. The world shows its borders, full of darkness. Only the sounds happen four times, like a silver fish flowing under the sea. Gentle swimming.

My father and I are not in the dark ocean. He sits on the left side. As the film progresses, his face changes with gentle and distinct light and shadow. It looks like a young, squeaky. Lips, skin, hair, and an inexplicable shackle between the foreheads, all slowly change clothes, and flow back from time to time before the movie.

Dad, in his 50s, replied to his magician's position in the cinema.









XXIn the first half of this magician's youth. He could fall into the clouds like a long-winged angel. There he saw beautiful green terraces. The sun is shining brightly in the near future. Plated his handsome, thin side with dazzling gold. He raised his hand and covered it. The world is wide and flat, and the clouds are in a hurry. Send him a long way.

He came in and he felt a variety of gentle spells in his heart. At that time he and his companions were separated under the tree and each began their journey. A segment of the future destined for a brilliant future extended from his feet at that time. He wore a large, white robes, and the wind of hunting blew his hair behind his head, and with his excitement, he decided what future he wanted.


More than a simple combination of Sorasi, he can send him to the polar ice field.


The sky is interspersed with azure and white. Dad made them into a painting.


Is it what you want?


In his first half of life, he was intertwined into a passionate and pure life. He thought it was good, then it must be good. He imagined and planned everything in the future. Have happiness as an adjective to be surrounded by. Although he did not really want to know the details of happiness at that time.

But he is not afraid. He is a young and powerful magician.


My young magician wore a pair of plastic sandals to climb Huangshan. I took many photos on Tiandu Peak. Later, they were printed in black and white, and the yellow of the time was safely issued in the years. I had to see the dad I could not see. I smiled and showed a white tooth. The eyes are deep and beautiful. It’s thinner than a pine tree on one side.

The magic is floating under the clouds at his feet.



















When he was sitting on the plane, there were some memories of the experience of walking through the clouds at a young age. In the eyes of the stewardess, he is already an old guy of enough age. Although the figure is still tall, the face is reddened. But they bent down again and again to tie the seat belt for him.

In fact, he wants to say that in fact, that thing is not needed, I am a magician. But he just nodded after all: "Thank you, I forgot." Slowly, drink orange water at a mouthful.

A father like a child, for physical reasons, likes something heavy. For example, he prefers to drink orange water compared to coffee. This sounds like it seems to have little to do with the magician.

Yes. He slowly lost his straight body and young skin, thick black hair, lost the strong and powerful teeth biting the walnuts, and then used a small hammer to break them, picking out pieces of meat with reading glasses. He lost his passion and healed pace and rarely wears sneakers. When he went to climb Huangshan again, he could not bear the injury to his right foot. It became a problem for the whole family. He had to give the baggage to me and my mother. I moved slowly and helplessly behind the mountain road step by step. He lost his bad temper and turned into a gentle and soft person. Different people changed their name to him, sir, uncle, uncle, would he hang his head in front of the first person who called him a grandfather? No one calls him guys, comrades, and magicians. He also lost his sensitive head and clear memory. Unconsciously asked me many times, "Where did you go yesterday?".

I went to the cinema yesterday to invite you to watch a movie, Dad.


He carried the carrot custard that had just been burned and fed it to my mouth while holding my head. A song screaming at you. I saw the father at that time. I saw the light on his head from my pupil.

He packed up the vegetable fields in the backyard.

He changed my diaper. Just changed to the side and I was caught off guard by myself.
















我偷走了神奇口号的最后一句话,“Hasilda Mai,Mai Miyi”“爸爸,我爱你。”